Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Quilting Mojo Has Returned

I recently went on a quilt retreat, this was our second annual retreat. I had more fun and more progress than I did last year. I was trying to rush and finish the project that I worked on at the retreat last year, but I measured a few things wrong. So that has not been completed yet.

I think it was last year or earlier this year when I purchased my first quilt kit. It was one that I spotted and could not get it out of my head. The quilt that is on my bed is currently falling apart. It was purchased at least 16 years ago from an Ames store. I'm not sure how wide spread this store was, but think of it as a cheap version of Wal-Mart. It cost me $40 and at the time I didn't know that it was an actual quilt, and not a panel made to look like a quilt. 

So earlier this year I cut all my pieces for the quilt, and decided I would work on it at the retreat. I had everything ready and all the different fabrics cut and in their own bag. The borders were ready, the binding is ready, I just didn't have the back together.

So while at retreat I put ALMOST all of the blocks together while I was at the retreat. I counted wrong for one piece which caused me not to be able to sew a couple blocks. Then right before I pack all my belonging up to leave, I cut one of them a 1/4 too short. As soon as I got home I looked for the fabric to be sure I would be able to create the blocks....I had enough.

I named this quilt after Te Fiti from the most recent Disney movie, Moana. There are several pieces of fabric in the quilt that look like the heart of Te Fiti, it felt only fitting that it was named after it.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday when I went to my LQS and quilted my quilt. I love to do all of my own work, and I do not have the room or the means to purchase my own long arm. They rent theirs out by the hour and it just works perfectly for me. I don't have any interruptions and can quilt until I'm ready to stop.

So I got the backing loaded, the top and the batting. Well, the backing was put on upside down and the label is at the top and facing the wrong way. I was not about to take the quilt off of the frame and put it back on. I am ok with the label.

Skip ahead to when I was taking the clamps off so I can quilt my last pass along the bottom border. Then I see this....

Can you see it? It looks like there's not enough backing or batting. I know I have only been quilting less than 4 years, and have made less than 20 quilts, but I have NEVER had this issue. I always had WAY too much. 

Sew I turned my head to the left to their Sweet 16 and got an idea. If I can get this basted then I might have enough to be able to sit down and get it quilted.

Well, once I sat down with the basted quilt, I realized that the basting wasn't good. I took out all of the basting stitches and basted it on the 16. Luckily I was able to get it straight. I turned it over and I had about 1 inch of backing hanging past my top. Woo Hoo! I was sew happy!

This was my first time using the sit down long arm, and it will probably be my last. The bottom border of my quilt was quilted with this machine. The stitches are uneven and jagged. BUT the quilt is quilted!

So now I just have to trim it down and bind it. I am so happy that it is almost done and ready to replace the worn and tattered quilt that is currently residing on my bed. Here is a better view of the quilt top. I purchased this one because I have wanted to do a Storm at Sea pattern, and I just love the two hearts!

I was hoping to have this completed and on my bed by the weekend. It might take an extra week, but it will definitely be on before fall arrives!

Thank you for visiting.

~Happy Quilting!~