Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May finish

So last month after the birthday fairy visited me I shared with you some coasters that I made. I made some a little different for my mother and unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of those before giving them to her...BUT....I also just finished some placemats for her that almost match the coasters almost identically.

There are 4 different fabrics in the picture and those same fabrics were used in her coasters. The only difference is the binding fabric. I couldn't find the identical fabric, so I chose something that is just as bright and in the same color hue as the one that I previously used.

Unfortunately I have not yet given these to her as of yet. But she will get them soon.....I did run into one problem when I finished the first one, and I'm not going back to fix it....although it is driving me crazy!
I stitched the binding to the front and then wrapped it around to the back. So she has 3 that look good and 1 that looks derpy as my daughter would call it.
So they are what they are. She knows that she is getting them and she said not to worry about them not being perfect, but it still bothers me. I have plenty of fabric to eventually make her another one to replace the derpy one....maybe after I finish my niece's quilt...
Until next time....
~Happy Quilting~