Monday, June 30, 2014

Update on the 2" squares

So I have all my blocks ready to make into a quilt. Since I am making this from scratch and in my head (and I'm not great at calculations) I'm not sure how big this will be once totally finished.
I have 16 blocks that are approximately 12.5 square. Since the 2" blocks ended up being 1.5" complete I'm thinking about adding a white sashing between them that will start out at 3.5" and finish at 2.5" just to add some size and break up the block a bit.

Then I have to figure out the borders. I have really only done a border on my daughter's quilt and would like to start adding those into my quilts more. So I'm thinking at least a white border starting out at 3.5". But do I want to add a second one? I'm thinking yes, and I will need to find a fabric that has the rainbow of colors in it.
There is the layout that I have decided on going with. I have 4 holiday blocks and 12 regular. I have more pink blocks than anything else and tried to break them up as much as possible. Was not easy, let me tell you! The pink that is to the right of the purple and above the orange and purple is a Pink Ribbon block in support of my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer and my mother who is winning hers. The rest are just fabrics that I like...ok that's a little stretch. The daisys were also my grandmother's favorite flower which I have adapted as one of they are also in memory of her.
I just need to get the motivation to add the sashing and keep going....
~ Happy Quilting! ~

Monday, June 2, 2014

so many 2" squares......

So I have a TON of 2" squares from when I used to make these cute little fabric bowls...which I loved to make, but haven't for a few years =(
And I was trying to figure out what to do with them....I asked around for ideas. And was given so many that I have a lot of ideas for what to do after what I have decided to begin with.
My daughter had some of the squares and wanted to do something with them but couldn't figure anything out. So I sat down and decided to try something. And this is what I came up with.

From there I just kept going....

Since I started I have made an additional 8 blocks....!
I originally thought I wanted to do 12 blocks, but I think it will end up being 16. And since I have 4 holiday blocks made I was going to put them in the 4 corners and build from there. Problem is I need to go out and purchase more fabric as my squares that I have not used from my stash are not appealing to me for this project. But I'm eager and excited to get more fabric and make the last 4 blocks!!
Here they are so far...

 I can't wait to be able to purchase more fabric to put them together and make the quilt. They are all about 12.5" square give or take a little.
I know it's not an original pattern or design, but I'm so proud of myself for not having a pattern that I'm following. This is all coming from my head.
And I absolutely love to chain piece! I was able to chain piece about 6 of them before sewing the rows together to make the blocks. I did have a couple places where I stitched them together wrong, but was able to fix them quickly!
I'm thinking about putting white sashing between them to break them up a bit and to add some brightness to the quilt. I might even add a white border....but then the next problem is the backing and the binding....but I will tackle that problem once I have all the blocks together!
~Happy quilting!~