Monday, June 30, 2014

Update on the 2" squares

So I have all my blocks ready to make into a quilt. Since I am making this from scratch and in my head (and I'm not great at calculations) I'm not sure how big this will be once totally finished.
I have 16 blocks that are approximately 12.5 square. Since the 2" blocks ended up being 1.5" complete I'm thinking about adding a white sashing between them that will start out at 3.5" and finish at 2.5" just to add some size and break up the block a bit.

Then I have to figure out the borders. I have really only done a border on my daughter's quilt and would like to start adding those into my quilts more. So I'm thinking at least a white border starting out at 3.5". But do I want to add a second one? I'm thinking yes, and I will need to find a fabric that has the rainbow of colors in it.
There is the layout that I have decided on going with. I have 4 holiday blocks and 12 regular. I have more pink blocks than anything else and tried to break them up as much as possible. Was not easy, let me tell you! The pink that is to the right of the purple and above the orange and purple is a Pink Ribbon block in support of my grandmother who lost her battle with breast cancer and my mother who is winning hers. The rest are just fabrics that I like...ok that's a little stretch. The daisys were also my grandmother's favorite flower which I have adapted as one of they are also in memory of her.
I just need to get the motivation to add the sashing and keep going....
~ Happy Quilting! ~


  1. Love the special blocks that are in ther! What beautiful memorials!