Thursday, December 11, 2014

Family finishes!!

Well everyone, I am finally finished making all the quilts for my nieces. I finished the last two this past Tuesday. I washed them last night, and have one boxed and wrapped. This means I can give out the three quilts that are in my house! 

I am only able to post two of them as the third I'm not posting until after the gift has been given. 

These two quilts belong to my youngest brother's daughters. They both like the same colors with the exception of the older one liking black also. I know they aren't anything fancy, but I am hoping that they will love them just the same. I wasn't able to come up with any names that suited these quilts, so I made the labels pretty basic. And one of them started to fray a little bit after it got washed. So bummed about that! 

Here is the older sister's quilt. I wasn't sure how to quilt it, it stumped me quite a bit. But then I decided to follow the green and black and go down the center of those. But then there was a big gap of no quilting between, so I decided to shadow the purple. I must say, I still need practice with my quilting! You can definitely tell I'm a beginner. 

 As you can see by the label, I didn't place it very well. You can't really tell it's from me =( 
I didn't do any special piecing on the back as I have with previous quilts. The simple reason is that on the front of the quilt, they already share 2 fabrics. A pink, and a blue. But I did include the sister's fabric in their labels. And the binding is the same fabric.

I thought the quilt was a little small, so I found this border fabric that pulls together most of the colors that are in the body of the quilt. And I just love the purple binding. Who doesn't love hearts and vines?

I chose a butterfly fabric for the back since it also contained most of the colors from the front. Hoping she loves the blanket, but we will see.

And here is her younger sister's quilt. The pattern I used is from Kelly at I have used many of her patterns for my quilt as most are straight forward and easy for a beginner like me to follow. I absolutely LOVE the browns in this quilt. It wasn't a color that she likes, but I think it pulls the other colors together.

I also chose a plain backer for this one, same reason as her sister's. But I found this flower fabric and love it!

This label turned out a bit better as you can read everything. 
I hope you have enjoyed my year of quilting this year. They have been scattered out, but I am only in my first year of quilting. Actually I just had my anniversary last month I think! I'm into my second year! Yay!!
I will be sure to post the special green and gray quilt after Christmas once it has been received. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. My next project....a quilt for a friend's child...then another special quilt, but in different colors! 
~Happy Quilting!~

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