Friday, April 4, 2014

My VERY first quilt......well sort of....

So I thought I would share the first 'quilt' I ever made. Although I don't consider it a quilt, some of you out there may.
I found the patterns in a book of Winnie the Pooh designs. It was the cover project and I absolutely adored it!
Unfortunately the fabric that they used for the blanket I couldn't find so I used some that would make it look cute for a little girl.

I started the project before I ever became pregnant, but was trying. I didn't know if it was going to be a girl or boy until the day they took her from my belly. So after she was born and I was home I worked on the center block.

 I think it took me a few years to actually put it all together, but I finished it. Please forgive all the wrinkles that are in it as I don't let me daughter sleep with it. I'm too scared at this point...always have been. It is kept in a canvas bag so it won't get dirty.

I have found some mistakes over the years and that upsets me like you would not believe. But I have learned not to look at the quilt if I don't want to get mad at myself.....but sometimes I can't help to look at's so darn cute!

At the time I didn't know how to actually do the quilting to keep the layers together and I wanted to add something more to the quilt. So I bought some cute buttons and tied ribbon through all the layers of the quilt to keep the sandwich together. Some of the ribbons have come undone so I tied them in knots.
What's sad is I still have another Piglet and Eeyore block in storage to use for pillows......My daughter just turned 11 so I have had this for over 10 years and have not done anything with them.....shame on me.
The back of the quilt is just one big block of the pink fabric that you see in between the blocks.
Once I am able to get to storage I will take a picture of how the quilt looks on the book with the fabric that they used. I love and the fabric they used and would have loved to make the quilt with that fabric, but I'm very proud of the quilt.
Let me know what you think.....Happy Quilting!

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